FM Tzipi Livni met for the first time with Moroccan Foreign Minister Mohamed Benaissa.

 FM Livni meets with Moroccan FM in Paris


(Photo: Guillaume Bureau)

(Communicated by the Foreign Minister’s Bureau)

Vice Premier and Minister of Foreign Affairs Tzipi is currently in Paris for meetings with French Persident Nicolas Sarkozy and Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner.

Earlier today (July 4) FM Livni also met for the first time with her Moroccan counterpart, Foreign Minister Mohamed Benaissa. They discussed the era after the Hamas takeover of the Gaza Strip and the establishment of the new Palestinian government headed by Salad Fayyad, noting that despite the difficult situation which this takeover has caused on the ground, it has also created a new opportunity to move forward in the political process.

Another issue raised during the meeting was that of the holy sites in Jerusalem. Morocco has a keen interest in this subject, as Moroccan King Mohammed VI serves as Chairman of the Al-Quds Committee – the Islamic committee responsible for the holy sites in Jerusalem on behalf of the Arab League.