FM Livni will meet with the Chinese Prime Minister, the Foreign Minister and with other senior officials.

 FM Livni on official visit to China


FM Livni with Ji Yunshi, Director of the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs

(Communicated by the Foreign Minister’s Bureau)

Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Tzipi Livni has left (Saturday, 27 October) on a short, official visit to China. FM Livni will meet with Chinese Prime Minister Wein Jaibao, Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jieche as well as with other senior Chinese officials, and discuss with them the need to intensify sanctions against Iran.

On Monday, 29 October, FM Livni will receive on behalf of MASHAV, the Israel Foreign Ministry’s Center for International Cooperation, a Certificate of Appreciation from the Chinese government in honor of 15 years of international cooperation between the two countries. Later, she will meet with senior officials of the Chinese Communist Party, heads of research institutes, Middle Eastern analysts, academicians and senior members of the press, and brief them on Israel and the importance of the escalation of sanctions against Iran.

FM Livni will also be a guest speaker at Remnin University, where she will give a speech to faculty members and students of foreign policy and international relations regarding the importance of increased sanctions against Iran. The speech will be broadcast by the Chinese media. She will also meet with Liu Qi, Communist Party of China (CPC) Beijing Committee Secretary, first-in-charge of Beijing, and a member of the CPC Politburo Central Committee, and discuss with him the importance of increasing pressure on the Chinese Government so that it, in turn, will support escalation of sanctions against Iran by the UN Security Council

Within the framework of efforts to strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries, FM Livni and her Chinese counterpart Yang Jie will sign an agreement enabling groups of Chinese tourists to visit Israel. The agreement, granting Israel ‘Approved Destination Status’, will be signed on Tuesday, 30 October.

The marketing of group tourist packages in China is authorized only for ‘Approved Destination Status’ destinations, and this agreement will enable a substantial increase in incoming tourism from China to Israel. The agreement with China was reached after two years of negotiations, which were headed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Tourism, in cooperation with the Ministry of the Interior.

The Ministry of Tourism anticipates that the signing of the agreement will increase the number of Chinese tourists to Israel, and the Ministry’s deployment therefore includes participation in the main tourist fair in China, which will be held in Beijing in November, publication of a guide about Israel for Chinese travel agents, organizing meetings between tourism officials from both countries, arranging professional tours for travel wholesalers and members of the media, and investigating means of possible cooperation between new and existing airline companies to increase carrying capacities.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs sees the expansion of tourism between Israel and China as an important element in the development of the relationship between the two countries and the increase in mutual appreciation.

‘Seeing is believing’, as the old saying goes, and the Israeli authorities expect  the new agreement to enable Chinese tourist to see, to gain favorable impressions and to become acquainted with Israel – in the hope that they will also come to appreciate Israel and become close to its people.