(Communicated by the Knesset Spokesman)

The Knesset will elect the ninth president of the State of Israel today (Wednesday, 13 June 2007). The vote, which is by secret ballot, will take place at 12:00.  MKs will be called by name to cast their vote, behind a screen.  According to Article 8 of the Basic Law: The President of the State:

"The candidate who has received the votes of a majority of the Members of the Knesset is elected. If no candidate receives such a majority, a second ballot shall be held. If there is no majority as aforesaid at the second ballot, either, voting shall be continued. At the third and every subsequent ballot, the candidate who at the preceding ballot received the smallest number of votes shall no longer stand for election. The candidate who at the third or any subsequent ballot receives a majority of the votes of the Members of the Knesset who take part in the voting and vote for one of the candidates is elected. If two candidates receive the same number of votes, voting shall be repeated."

Following the election of a president, Knesset Speaker Dalia Itzik will personally inform him or her.  One hour after the end of voting, the Speaker will declare the results in a ceremony in the Chagall lobby.