The Director-General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has returned from a high-level diplomatic visit to two prominent Asian countries

(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesman)

MFA Director-General Mr. Aaron Abramovich returned from a week-long working visit to Singapore and Japan. The main purpose of the visit to the two countries was the holding of talks with their foreign-policy makers on a range of issues relating to the Middle East in general, on cooperation in Asia and on economic issues.

During his visit to Japan, Mr. Abramovich headed the upgraded political dialogue, the first of its kind, aimed at promoting understanding and strengthening ties between the two countries.

The visit, organized by the Israeli embassy in Tokyo, included meetings with the Japanese National Security Advisor, senior parliamentarians, and interviews to the national press.

Abramovich expressed his satisfaction at the strengthening of ties with Japan, and expressed Israel’s support of Japan’s candidacy to the UN Security Council.

On his visit to Singapore – a country that has had special relations with Israel for over 40 years – the Director-General met with the country’s senior statesman and former Prime Minister and with Singapore’s Foreign Minister Mr. George Yeo.

Mr. Abramovich also met with members of the Economic Development Board of Singapore, which focuses on investments in Singapore and cooperation with Israel on research and development issues. Singapore is one of the most economically developed countries in Asia, and deals with challenges similar in scope to those of Israel on the one hand and with impressive economic expansion on the other.

The Director-General’s visit to these two countries is a component of MFA activities aimed at strengthening relations with Asian countries. The visit is itself an indication of the importance Israel attributes to the deepening of these relations, and in particular to the strengthening of economic and political cooperation.