Portuguese Foreign Minister Luis Amado is due to arrive in Israel on a three-day official visit.

(Communicated by the MFA Spokesman’s Bureau)

Mr. Luis Amado, Foreign Minister of Portugal, is due to arrive  today (Sunday, 9 September) on an official three-day visit to Israel.

FM Amado will meet with Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Tzipi Livni, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, President Shimon Peres, Minister of Defense Ehud Barak and MK Yossi Beilin. FM Amado will also meet with Quartet Middle East representative Tony Blair, who is currently in Israel.

Within the framework of his position as current President of the Council of the European Union, FM Amado will hold discussions on issues converning the Israel-EU relationship. He will also be briefed on the latest developments in the region.

Mr. Amado will arrive in the region after attending a "Gymnich" meeting – the informal meeting of foreign ministers from the EU member states. (The name Gymnich comes from the German castle north of Bonn, which provided the setting for the first ever meeting of this kind, during the German EU Presidency in 1974.)