As part of the ongoing battle for European public opinion, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jewish Agency and theWorld Zionist Organization are sending a second delegation of residents from Sderot and the surrounding areas to promote Israel’s viewpoint in London, Dublin and Copenhagen

(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesman)

A second delegation from Sderot and the surrounding areas will leave on Sunday (3-June) to promote Israel’s viewpoint in London, Dublin and Copenhagen. The first delegation left yesterday (30-May) for several French-speaking countries in Europe.

The delegations were instigated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Jewish Agency and the World Zionist Organization, with the aim of presenting Israel’s viewpoint in light of the current security situation and because of the unbalanced reporting in the international media. The second delegation is made up of four residents, three women and a man. 

The delegation will meet with members of the press, members of parliament, Jewish communities and local leaders. The delegates will tell of their personal experiences from the long years of constant shelling, the effects on their families, their businesses and their daily life.

Prior to their departure, the delegates will participate in a workshop organized by the MFA, which will include background briefings on political and media-related subjects and instruction on appropriate methods of interacting with the media.