The Security Cabinet convened this morning to discuss the situation in the Gaza Strip.

(Communicated by the Prime Minister’s Media Adviser)

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert this morning (Wednesday, 30-May), convened the Security Cabinet to discuss the issue of the Gaza Strip.

Ministers were briefed on Israel’s military actions, actions by terrorist organizations, the series of planned actions, the diplomatic situation and the home front situation.

Security elements related in detail the effectiveness of Israel’s military actions and the relative decrease in Kassam rocket fire.

It was emphasized that Israel is not negotiating a ceasefire with any terrorist organization.

Israel will continue to strike at – and exert military pressure on – terrorist organizations, especially on Hamas and Islamic Jihad, without being held to any specific timetable.

Prime Minister Olmert and his fellow ministers praised both the actions of the various security elements in combating terrorism and the results which they have achieved thus far, while keeping civilian casualties to a minimum.

Prime Minister Olmert and his fellow ministers strongly emphasized the need to strengthen Sderot  and the other communities adjacent to the Gaza Strip in their resolve on the frontline and to allow them to lead normal lives while providing maximum solutions both to their needs and to the issue of structural reinforcement.