(Communicated by the Prime Minister’s Media Adviser)

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert today (Wednesday, 5 September 2007), convened the Security Cabinet to discuss Israel’s response to Kassam rocket fire from the Gaza Strip at Sderot and the communities near Gaza.

The Government of Israel expresses its solidarity with, and profound admiration for, the citizens of these communities who have endured rocket attacks for over five years. The Government also expresses its appreciation to the IDF soldiers, who have been operating in the Gaza Strip area day and night for months in order to thwart terrorist attacks and strike at terrorist infrastructures.

The Cabinet has decided to continue intensive military operations against all those involved in launching rockets and in perpetrating other terrorist actions.  Nobody among those responsible for terrorism will be immune.  

The Government of Israel holds Hamas responsible for the Kassam fire and for terrorist acts carried out from the Gaza Strip. While this murderous terror organization aspires to be responsible for the daily lives of Gaza’s citizens, daily life in the communities near Gaza has been disrupted in an unacceptable fashion. Therefore, the security establishment, in cooperation with the Foreign Ministry and the relevant legal bodies, has been instructed to prepare a plan – taking all military and civil considerations into account – to disrupt the services that the State of Israel provides to the Gaza Strip in response to the continued criminal and indiscriminate attacks against the Israeli civilian population.