A medical team of 93 doctors and nurses is distributing humanitarian aid to Vietnamese villagers in the mountainous region near the border with Laos.

 Vietnam-Israel Humanitarian Mission


(Photos: Peter Stuckings)

(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesman)

In a week-long operation, a medical team of 93 doctors and nurses, made up of Israelis and other nationalities, has positioned itself in nine locations in central Vietnamese villages in the mountainous region near the border with Laos.

In addition to medical attention, the villagers receive aid in the form of food supplies, clothing and toys. Other unique activities, carried out with the cooperation of a nearby breeding farm, included providing a farm animal to every household in the area. In an attempt to provide a long-term economic base to the impoverished villagers, they raisethe animal until it calves, at which time it is returned to the farm. Any resulting offspring are kept by the villagers.

This is the second year this project is being undertaken. It is based on an idea developed by the Israeli embassy in Hanoi, whereby money budgeted for the Israeli Independence Day celebrations would be devoted to humanitarian aid instead. This initiative gained the support of the Fatherland Front, the largest social organization in Vietnam and the third partner in this venture. The medical team was recruited by Dr. Raffi Kot, an Israeli residing in Vietnam, who operates the Family Medical Practice, a chain of international medical clinics in the country.