The Cabinet decided to adopt the recommendations of the report of the committee on socio-economic change chaired by Prof. Manuel Trajtenberg.

 Cabinet communique


Israel Cabinet meeting (GPO archive photo)

(Communicated by the Cabinet Secretariat)

At the weekly Cabinet meeting today (Sunday), 9 October 2011:

1. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made the following remarks:

"We have recently witnessed attacks on Islamic sites, a Christian site and a Jewish site – a synagogue was attacked. We are not prepared to tolerate any vandalism, especially that directed against religious sensitivities. The State of Israel is both a tolerant state and a very intolerant state.

Our tolerance is toward religious sensitivities and our need to continue living together in coexistence and mutual respect, without violence, in tranquility and peace. Our intolerance is directed toward those who oppose these practices and this way of life. We will act with all vigor to find them. I have instructed the security forces to bring those responsible to justice. We will act against them to the fullest extent of the law.

Today, we will continue our discussion of the Trajtenberg report. Approving the report will allow us to submit detailed decisions to the Cabinet in order to lower the cost of living. A combination of these steps will lower the prices of goods and marketing in the economy, will significantly lower parents’ expenditures for education, will reduce customs duties, and will make housing more available.

My government is committed to taking the necessary actions in order to ease living conditions for Israelis and to lower the cost of living – and I have no doubt that this will be the case. First the Cabinet, afterwards the Knesset."

2. Pursuant to Article 23 of the 1959 State Service Law (Appointments), the Cabinet approved the appointment of Yosef Shagal as Ambassador to Belarus, in place of Edward Shapiro.

3. Pursuant to the 2010 Bank of Israel Law, the Cabinet appointed members, on behalf of the public, to the Bank of Israel Monetary Committee and to the Bank of Israel Administrative Council.

4. The Cabinet continued its discussion of the recommendations contained in the report of the committee on socio-economic change chaired by Prof. Manuel Trajtenberg and decided as follows:

A. To adopt the main points of the aforesaid recommendations and carry out forthwith the actions necessary to implement them.

B. To instruct Prime Minister Netanyahu and Finance Minister Dr. Yuval Steinitz to submit – for Cabinet approval – detailed draft decisions to implement the report, no later than 20 November 2011. Draft decisions regarding changes in taxation will be submitted to the Cabinet no later than 30 October 2011.

C. To instruct Prime Minister Netanyahu and Finance Minister Steinitz to submit – for Cabinet approval – draft amendments to legislation, as may be necessary to implement Cabinet decisions made as per item 4B above.

Following the approval, PM Netanyahu said: "I promised and I delivered. The Trajtenberg report is good for Israelis. It lowers the cost of living, reduces taxes, increases available revenue, significantly participates in financing education for young children and makes housing more available."