"Enough excuses. Abu Mazen knows our address – he could be here in ten minutes."

 Deputy FM Ayalon addresses World Jewish Congress


DFM Ayalon at the WJC (Photo: Noa Arad)

Communicated by the Deputy FM’s Bureau

Today at a meeting of the World Jewish Congress commemorating its 75th  anniversary, Deputy FM Danny Aaylon responded to Abu-Mazen’s comment this morning about returning to negotiations: "Enough stalling, enough excuses. Abu-Mazen knows our phone number and our address. He could be here in 10 minutes. We have been waiting for him for two years. Unfortunately we are left staring at an empty chair."

The deputy foreign minister added that the Palestinian plan to unilaterally push for recognition of a Palestinian state at the UN General Assembly is the same old strategy using different tactics. “The Palestinians have adapted their tactics to suit the circumstances, but their goal remains the same – to continue the struggle against Israel.”

Ayalon also talked about Jerusalem: "Just as Jerusalem guarded us for the two thousand years of the Diaspora, so must we guard it in return – for two thousand years and beyond. Only Israeli sovereignty can ensure that Jerusalem remain united but shared by all peoples.”

Ayalon referred to the Jewish community in the Diaspora as “our first line of defense against our enemies and their efforts to delegitimize Israel."

Ayalon thanked Ron Lauder, the president of the WJC, for his hard work on behalf of the Jewish people. He called him "a true friend of Israel".