Ayalon calls on European states to shun Palestinian coalition regime.

 DFM Ayalon meets Lithuanian Foreign Minister Azubalis


DFM Ayalon with Lithuanian FM Azubalis (Photo: MFA of Lithuania)

Communicated by DFM Bureau

Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon met on 3 May 2011 with Lithuanian Minister of Foreign Affairs Audronius Azubalis. Ayalon is on a visit to the Baltic States for bilateral political-strategic dialogues.

Ayalon discussed with the Lithuanian foreign minister ways to strengthen the economic ties between the two states and to promote business partnerships.

DFM Ayalon urged the European states to shun the Palestinian coalition regime and stated that the world must not accept as a partner anyone who mourns the death of Bin Laden.

Yesterday (2 May), Ayalon spoke at a ceremony at Paneriai where 70,000 Jews were brutally murdered during the Holocaust. "This …sends the important message that terror and evil will find no permanent shelter and will eventually be destroyed, just as the Nazis decades before," Ayalon said. "The rejoinder to remember and never forget is not about revenge, but about seeking justice. Regardless of time, murderers and terrorists will receive the justice they deserve."