We cannot agree to the Palestinian leaders’ practice of agitating and giving a green light to such terrorist acts.

 DFM Ayalon remarks on Jerusalem bomb attack


Photo: MFA

Communicated by Deputy Foreign Minister’s Bureau

This afternoon (23 March) a cruel terrorist attack was committed. This attack is a direct continuation of the growing violence encouraged by the Palestinian Authority. At the beginning of the week, the Palestinians declared openly that they had abandoned the process of negotiating for peace and that they want to appeal to the international community to establish a Palestinian state unilaterally, without the agreement of both sides. This declared abandonment of the peace process is a green light to terrorism, and we cannot acquiesce to that.

The deputy foreign minister called on the international community, through the foreign media, to publicly condemn murderous acts of terrorism and to put pressure on the Palestinians to abandon their policy of unilateralism and to cease glorifying terrorism.

(From a radio interview on CNN)
We are seeing a rise in Palestinian terror activities against Israelis and we attribute it to the Palestinian Authority’s practice of agitating and giving a green light to such terrorist acts. PA leaders do not present a uniform, reliable position; they issue public condemnations but only in English and to the foreign press; the internal messages intended for their own people contradict the messages conveyed to the international community.

We will act in a responsible way to bring to justice those responsible for today’s attack in Jerusalem. We are determined to increase deterrence also vis-à-vis the Hamas in the Gaza Strip, in the face of the ongoing rocket attacks. Palestinian terrorist organizations are operating in this period of instability in the Middle East in which Iran is reaching out and inciting radical elements. We are not interested in escalation in the Gaza Strip and hope that this logic is also the desire of the residents there. However, we will not hesitate to act in any way necessary in order to ensure the safety and well-being of the Israeli population.