DFM Danny Ayalon briefs foreign ambassadors


DFM Danny Ayalon (photo: MFA)

On Sunday (20 March) PA negotiating chief Dr. Saeb Eriqat disclosed a document stating that the PA has decided to abandon the negotiating process and to appeal to the UN to initiate a unilateral step – recognition of a Palestinian state within the 1967 lines, with its capital in eastern Jerusalem.

DFM Ayalon commented on the Eriqat document: “Dr. Eriqat has unmasked Palestinian policy. The Palestinians have misinterpreted the messages from your countries. You have placed all the pressure on Israel and given an open check to the Palestinians, who have hardened their position. A unilateral track is one headed for collision. Considering the instability in the Middle East, it is important that the international community put pressure on the Palestinians to return to the negotiating table without any excuses.  A Palestinian state will arise, as you well know, only as a result of negotiations with Israel and with the agreement of both sides.”

DFM Ayalon commented on the planned convoy: “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has received information concerning plans for a massive and provocative convoy around the date of the anniversary of the Marmara [incident]. We ask the international community, and particularly the countries in which the convoy is being organized, to act to prevent it. The international community must act responsibly vis-à-vis the convoy’s organizers. It is possible to prevent the convoy through diplomatic means. There is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza and anyone interested in sending goods to Gaza can do so in coordination with Israel.”

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