Dep. Dir-Gen Shavit expressed Israel’s surprise and disappointment over the announcement and requested a clarification from the Honduran government.

(Communicated by the MFA Spokesman’s Bureau)

The Deputy Director General for Central and South America and the Caribbean summoned the Honduran ambassador in Israel for a talk at the Foreign Ministry. The summons followed a report on the presidential website that President Porfirio Lobo had conveyed to the PA foreign minister Honduras’ intentions to support recognition of a Palestinian state at the UN.

Deputy Director General Dorit Shavit summoned the Honduran ambassador, Jose Isaias Barahona Herrera, to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Sunday, 31 July. Ms. Shavit conveyed Israel’s surprise and disappointment over the announcement. She mentioned the meetings held between Minister Yossi Peled and President Lobo, as well as those between Deputy FM Danny Ayalon and the Honduran foreign minister in June. At those meetings, Israel’s position vis-à-vis the expected Palestinian moves at the UN and the potential damage to the peace process was made clear. The Government of Honduras had shown understanding of Israel’s position and expressed support for a solution to be achieved by means of direct negotiations.

The Dep. Director General reminded the ambassador that Israel had supported Honduras during difficult periods and stressed the great and long-standing friendship between the two countries. Technical cooperation and aid in various areas are practical expressions of this friendship.

Dep. Dir-Gen Shavit requested a clarification from Honduras and asked the ambassador to convey the message to his government and to ask it to retract its position as presented on the president’s website.

It was further decided (August 4) to hold consultations in the coming days with the Israeli ambassador to Honduras, Eliyahu Lopez, who is currently in Israel.