Iran in 1979 and Lebanon in 2005 are good examples of revolutions that seemed to reflect the will of the people and ended up perpetuating oppressive regimes. Op-ed in San Francisco Chronicle.

 Make peace between peoples


Deputy FM Danny Ayalon (Photo: MFA)

The recent events in the Middle East have been momentous and encouraging. However, there are those who are trying to seize the revolutions to further establish their grip on parts of our region.

The lesson learned by Israel from recent events in the Middle East is that a peace between Israel and its neighbors must not only be signed between leaders, but also be accepted and endorsed between societies. This is why continued incitement and glorification of terror is so toxic to the process.

Only a negotiated solution that is supported by all levels of Israeli and Palestinian society has the chance to succeed and flourish. Without these vital elements, those who seek only repression and radicalism will step into the breach. Recent events in our region have taught us that.

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