The status of Romanian construction workers in Israel, the environment, and training Romanian teachers to teach about the Holocaust are among the subjects of agreements signed today between Israel and Romania.

 PM Netanyahu and Education Minister Saar meet with Romanian counterparts


PM Netanyahu and Romanian PM Boc (Photo: GPO)

(Communicated by the Prime Minister’s Media Adviser)
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu today (Thursday), 24 November 2011, in Jerusalem, met with Romanian Prime Minister Emil Boc in the framework of the first bilateral inter-governmental consultation. 
Working meetings have also been held between Israeli ministers and their Romanian counterparts; a joint meeting, chaired by Prime Ministers Netanyahu and Boc, will be held later today.  The two prime ministers will sign a joint declaration that emphasizes the historic partnership between the two countries and the aspiration to continue strengthening bilateral relations in various areas.  Several diplomatic and economic agreements will also be signed, including an agreement on the status of Romanian workers employed in the construction sector in Israel, cooperation agreements on environmental protection and health, an agreement for Yad Vashem to train Romanian teachers to teach about the Holocaust and a youth exchange agreement.

Education Minister Saar signs Cooperation Agreement with his Romanian counterpart, Daniel Petru Funeriu
(Communicated by the Education Minister’s Media Adviser)
Education Minister Gideon Saar and Romanian Education, Research, Youth and Sports Minister Daniel Petru Funeiru today (Thursday), 24 November 2011, signed a cooperation agreement on training Romanian teachers in Holocaust education, and holding joint seminars and professional exchanges on the issue of the Holocaust.
The two ministers also discussed improving bilateral cooperation and exchanging information and experience on pre-school education, higher education and fostering excellence.  It was also agreed that a bilateral agreement on youth exchanges would be signed soon.
Romanian Education, Research, Youth and Sports Minister Funeiru said that Romania would like to maintain and expand Holocaust studies.  "We have an obligation to preserve the historical memory.  Studying tragedies that occurred in the past is very important and we are committed to doing so," he said.
Education Minister Saar replied, "I am pleased to hear your remarks about Holocaust studies.  At a time when many elements are espousing Holocaust denial, it is important to pass on the information about what happened and why and about how we can prevent it from happening again in the future.  If we do not do this, we will fail in our goal.  Therefore, I very much appreciate your efforts in this area." 
Minister Saar also said, "All of Israel’s accomplishments in various fields such as science, economics, high tech, agriculture, culture, etc. were achieved with a sword in one hand.  We have undergone many wars and are compelled to deal with the constant threat of terrorism.  The fact that we have maintained the democratic character of our state, which respects human rights, in this atmosphere is both the phenomenon of the State of Israel and our greatest challenge."