President Shimon Peres hosted the Chinese Minister of Commerce Chen Deming. He shared with his guest Israel’s impressive abilities in the fields of agriculture, water recycling, green energy, science and technology.

 President Peres and Chinese Minister of Commerce agree to expand cooperation between China and Israel


Photo: GPO

(Communicated by the President’s Media Adviser)

The Chinese Minister of Commerce asked the President to give him a comprehensive diplomatic overview regarding the current situation and changes taking place in the region. At the start of the meeting he said that he was very excited to be visiting Israel and to see the impressive technological capabilities of Israel up close. In particular he was most impressed with solar farms and wastewater recycling advancements in Israel.
"It is a great honor for me to visit Israel and to meet you. I bring with me the personal greetings of the President of China, Hu Jintao, and the desire of the People’s Republic of China to strengthen and expand economic relations between our countries. I visited solar farms and agricultural farms, China is very interested in the technology to recycle and conserve water, as well as in alternative energy forms like ethanol, where you excel," said the Minister.
The President analyzed the current situation in the Middle East and remarked that Israel is interested in a Middle East of peace and democracy. This goal will effectively be achieved with the entrance of global technology and high-tech companies into the Middle East. "China and Israel can cooperate and together establish high-tech centers in the countries of the Middle East and all over Africa. Israel leads the world in agriculture, we export carrots to Russia, flowers to France and vegetables to Europe and we are willing to contribute from our experience to the countries in our region that suffer from hunger."
The Chinese Minister of Commerce informed the President that China has established many employment and food distribution centers in Africa. He said he would positively consider the possibility of Israeli-Chinese cooperation in this area. "China would like to cooperate with Israeli companies for the advancement of African countries," the Minister said. He added that he was planning to meet the Israeli Minister of Transportation in order to promote joint projects in the fields of railways and infrastructure.