President Peres visits Switzerland


Pres. Peres at the CERN facility in Geneva (Photo: GPO)

(Communicated by the Office of the President)

President Peres is on a four-day visit to Switzerland and Britain. In Switzerland, Peres held meetings to promote economic and scientific cooperation between the two countries. On Monday (28 March) he met for a working meeting with Swiss President Micheline Calmy-Rey. Monday evening he attended the launching of a foundation for brain research, a ten-million-dollar joint project of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Swiss Polytechnic Institute EPFL. It is the President’s hope to turn Israel into a world leader in the field of brain research.


President Peres said to the Rolf Heuer, the Director-General of CERN that Israel is one of the world’s most advanced nations in the fields of science and technology and expressed hope that Israel would be accepted as full members in the project. "CERN is at the forefront of a new and advanced scientific world. As the particles that you are studying become smaller, the scientific advancement and understanding is greater. Thank you for hosting the Israeli scientists who are part of this project as they feel very much at home here. I hope that soon Israel’s standing in CERN will be upgraded to full membership."
 It is important to note that there are 100 Israeli scientists at CERN who participate in various research and experiments that generate considerable income for Israeli industry. The value of those services is tens of millions of dollars a year. CERN’s annual budget to acquire equipment and manage their various projects is one billion dollars. Israel’s Minister of Science and Technology, Prof. Daniel Hershkowitz accompanied the President on the visit.​