Several agreements and a joint declaration were signed during the bilateral inter-governmental consultation.

 Summary of the Israeli-Polish Inter-governmental Consultation


Photo: GPO

(Communicated by the Prime Minister’s Media Adviser)
The Government of Israel, led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and the Government of Poland, led by Prime Minister Donald Tusk, met today (Thursday), 24 February 2011, in the framework of the bilateral inter-governmental consultation. Several agreements and a joint declaration were signed during the meeting. Following are the main points of the agreements: 

An agreement to increase security and military industry cooperation, as well as cooperation in the war on terrorism and the struggle against crime.

Environmental Protection

A cooperation agreement in the field of water management and sustainable energy policy.

An agreement on increasing cooperation in the field of health, and the expansion of economic ties between companies in the field.


An agreement to strengthen and expand youth exchange programs and an agreement to commemorate and study Operation Reinhard. In this context, it was decided that the governments would increase cooperation with Yad Vashem and other Israeli institutions, and Polish institutions on the issue of Holocaust research. Both sides stressed their desire to increase Israeli participation in the EU regarding education and student exchange programs.


A cultural, educational and scientific cooperation agreement.
In addition to the foregoing, it was decided to advance and expand dialogue regarding strategy, economics and research and development. The possibility was discussed of implementing cheaper flights between the two countries as well as the possibility of signing a cooperation agreement on technology research and development. It was also agreed to increase cooperation on the municipal level and to hold annual inter-governmental consultations. The next such meeting will be in Poland next year.