Deputy Foreign Ministers Ayalon and Dollis agreed to convene a Greek-Jewish Diaspora conference in Thessaloniki in June.

 Dep FM Ayalon meets with Greek counterpart Demetri Dollis


Photo: MFA

On Tuesday, February 28, 2012, Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon met with Greek Deputy Foreign Minister Demetri Dollis in Jerusalem where they agreed to hold a joint Greek-Jewish Diaspora Conference in Thessaloniki in mid-June of this year.

This first of its kind conference will bring together leaders of the Jewish and Greek Diaspora communities from around the world. The purpose of the conference is to mutually explore how to strengthen the ties of each country with its Diaspora, including the promotion of investments, tourism and trade relations between the countries. The conference will also work towards encouraging Diaspora youth to learn about their heritage and to strengthen ties between the two Diaspora communities.

The two deputy foreign ministers will head the Israeli and Greek delegations to the conference.

"This conference comes at a time of unprecedented and enhanced relations between our countries and peoples," Ayalon said. "2011 was a year of unparalleled cooperation between Greece and Israel in the fields of trade, defense, tourism, energy and investments. As befitting these relations, our people, representing two ancient civilizations, will deepen their ties through this unique conference in June."

Mr. Dollis said that "Thessaloniki (Salonika), the ‘Second Jerusalem’ as it was known, is once more becoming the city where civilizations flourish."