DFM Ayalon: Deploy a legal Iron Dome over Israel’s right to self-defense

 DFM Ayalon opens MFA legal conference in Paris


DFM Ayalon addressing the MFA Paris conference (Photo: Erez Lichtenfeld)

(Communicated by DFM Ayalon’s Bureau)

In continuation of an identical conference held last week in London, DFM Ayalon opened today (Wednesday 20 June 2012) in Paris the MFA conference ‘Legal Challenges and Opportunities in Israel’s Policy and Advocacy Conference.’

DFM Ayalon called upon the senior jurists who participated in the conference to deploy a legal Iron Dome over Israel’s right to self-defense: “Just as the Israel Defense Forces are at this minute protecting the citizens of Israel who are under a barrage or rocket fire and Palestinian terror, so we ask you to deploy an international legal Iron Dome over Israel’s right to self-defense, and allow the IDF to win.”

DFM Ayalon added: “Your legal protection of Israel’s right to self-defense means the preservation of the right of the West, of morality and of the ethical, enlightened world to fight the evil forces of terrorism. An erosion in Israel’s capabilities will result in an erosion of the capabilities of all peace loving countries.”

Ayalon called for the prosecution in international and European courts of the terrorists and their leaders, as well as the leaders of the Axis of Evil led by Ahmadinejad, a Holocaust denier who calls for the destruction of Israel.