National Cyber Bureau work plan presented


Tel Aviv University's 2nd Annual International Cyber Conference

(Communicated by the Prime Minister’s Media Adviser)

Dr. Evyatar Mataniah, head of Israel’s National Cyber Bureau, attended Tel Aviv University’s 2nd Annual International Cyber Conference (Wednesday, 6 June 2012) and noted that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has approved the budget and work plan for the Bureau, established at the beginning of the year.

One of the aforesaid plans is the establishment of a national cyber situation room, which will construct a national assessment among the various organizations and constitute the beginning of a defensive layer on the state level.

The Bureau, which is focused on building a national cybernetic defense concept, is advancing national-level regulation on the issue of information security, which will lead to raising the level of cybernetic defense. To this end, a committee was established for representatives from all sectors, which will outline the main directions in the regulatory field.

The Bureau will also begin the process of organizing the security field in cooperation with the security companies in the market, and will promote cooperation with international organizations so that Israel might accede to all of the important international treaties.

Dr. Mataniah emphasized the importance of links between academia, industry and the Bureau in order to create a national growth engine in the cybernetic field, and added that the Bureau attributes great importance to encouraging growth in the cybernetic industry and is promoting cooperation in the sector.

In recognition of the importance of human capital, the Bureau, in conjunction with the Science and Technology Ministry, is investing NIS 50 million in scholarships and research in the cybernetic field in order to place Israel as a global leader in this field.