President Shimon Peres received the credentials of the new ambassadors from the Netherlands, Slovenia, Austria and Argentina at his Jerusalem Residence.

 President Peres receives credentials of new ambassadors


President Peres with Slovenian Ambassador Alenka Suhadolnik (Photo: GPO)

(Communicated by the Office of the President)

President Shimon Peres today (Wednesday), 4 January 2012, at his Jerusalem Residence, received the credentials of the new ambassadors from the Netherlands, Slovenia, Austria and Argentina: Caspar Cornelis Veldkamp, Alenka Suhadolnik, Dr. Franz Josef Kuglitsch and Carlos Faustino Garcia, respectively.

The Dutch Ambassador told President Peres, "I bring with me the Kingdom of the Netherlands’ and Queen Beatrix’s best wishes for your welfare. The Netherlands views itself as one of Israel’s best friends in Europe and the world. Our two peoples are similar in their spirit of innovation and it is my intention to strengthen not only relations between our two governments, but ties between our private sectors and science and research institutions. In the Netherlands, I found great excitement over cooperation with Israel and I am certain that we will be able to work together vis-avis other markets in the world."

The Argentinean Ambassador told President Peres that Argentinean President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner will today undergo surgery to remove a malignant tumor. President Peres asked the Ambassador to convey his best wishes for a quick recovery and said, "I have written to President de Kirchner and wished her a quick recovery. I noted that in Jerusalem we are praying for her well-being." The President thanked the Ambassador for Argentina’s strong stand against Iran, which perpetrated terrorist attacks against the Buenos Aires Jewish community in the 1990s.

The Slovenian Ambassador told President Peres that the main quality she has encountered in Israel is Israelis’ openness. "From the moment I arrived, I noted how open Israelis are to new ideas and how friendly they are. There is a sense here that everything is possible. I will do my best to deepen bilateral cooperation in science and technology, and in culture and sports."

President Peres told the ambassadors that "Sometimes Israel is more drama than country. I read a study which shows that Israel is second in the world in the amount of news that it produces, with only the US ranking higher. I am certain that you will not be bored here even for a minute. I promise you that the President’s Residence will always be open toward promoting cooperation with your countries in all fields.