The Knesset Plenum approved the bill for Students’ Rights Law (amendment: prohibition of discrimination) 2013 in its preliminary reading. The bill was submitted by MK Dov Khenin (Hadash) and other MKs.

The bill was presented to the plenum about two weeks ago, but the date to vote in the preliminary reading was postponed, after Khenin explained that, “The bill was supported by the Ministers’ Committee in the last Knesset, but there was an appeal that never made it to debate in the Knesset plenum. I know that due to Minister Shai Piron’s illness, there has been no discussion yet. Therefore, I have decided with the Head of the Coalition that the bill will be presented for a vote and a decision on a date that will be agreed upon with the government.”

The bill is meant to amend the Students’ Rights Law and explicitly prohibit discrimination against students because of their sexual preference, identity or gender.

The explanation for the bill stated that “There is much data that suggests that there are still episodes of discrimination against students because of sexual preferences, and harm to them, in education establishments in Israel. This bill is meant to take care of this situation. In the past, laws prohibiting discrimination because of sexual preference have been written in different areas, and there is a need to do so within the educational system as well.”

40 MKs approved the bill in its preliminary reading and 4 opposed. The bill will be moved to the education, Culture and Sports Committee to prepare for the first reading.