The Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, headed by MK Ze`ev Elkin (Likud), is scheduled to hold a series of meetings on Thursday on the IDF`s military campaign in Gaza and then tour the southern city of Sderot.

During the first part of the day the committee members will be briefed by the IDF Home Front Command on its activities, and then vote on the government`s request to declare a ”special situation in the homefront.” Later in the day the committee members will be briefed on the intelligence aspects of Operation Protective Edge and on the army`s activity. The committee will then vote on the authorization of the draft notices that have been sent to reserve soldiers.

During the day the committee members will also meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for a briefing on the diplomatic and security aspects of the operation.

Following the briefings, the committee members will visit the border town of Sderot, where they will meet with heads of local councils located within 40 kilometers of the Gaza Strip.