(Communicated by IDF Spokesman)

April 16, 1996

11:15 A Katyusha barrage was fired at approximately 11:00 hours towards the Galilee Panhandle. The extent of injuries and damage is as of yet unknown.

14:11 A number of Katyusha barrages were fired at the Galilee Panhandle and the Western Galilee early this afternoon. In the Western Galilee one civilian suffered light injuries and was taken to hospital. Two other civilians suffering from shock were also taken to hospital. One woman was very lightly injured, and received medical treatment at the scene. One house was damaged in the Western Galilee. An additional barrage was fired on the Galilee panhandle.

15:00 This afternoon following rocket attacks on northern Israel, IAF combat helicopters attacked local Hizbullah headquarters in Beirut. The pilots reported accurate hits. During the operation anti-aircraft fire was directed at the helicopters which returned fire. All aircraft returned safely to base.

16:41 In light of Lebanese press reports citing civilians injured as a result of their being in the area of Hizbullah bases or activists, and in addition to the previous warnings, the IDF announced, through the Lebanese media, that Lebanese civilians are to distance themselves from Hizbullah bases, offices and activists- wherever they may be. Anyone not heeding this warning will be placing their life at risk.

17:45 In response to rocket fire targeting Northern Israel this afternoon, the IAF launched an air strike on regional Hizbullah headquarters in the Beka’a Valley. IAF pilots reported accurate hits, and all planes returned safely to base. The IDF reiterates that any fire directed on Israel will result in appropriate Israeli responses.