Today (Tuesday), the Knesset Plenum held a ceremony marking the launch of a joint stamp for Israel and Uruguay marking 65 years of friendship. The ceremony was arranged under the auspices of Speaker of the Knesset Yuli-Yoel Edelstein.

The philatelic service in the Israeli and Uruguayan Postal Services chose the picture ”The Annunciation of Sarah” by Jose Gurvich as the topic for the stamp. Gurvich, a Jewish-Uruguayan artist, created a series of biblical works as a tribute to his mother who fell sick with cancer. The picture that was chosen, ”the Annunciation of Sarah,” is part of this series and indicates his deeper investigation into his Jewish, religious and cultural roots. The stamp was designed Rinat Gilboa.

The stamp`s launch ceremony was planned with the participation of the Uruguayan Vice President Mr. Danilo Astori, Uruguayan Minister of Industry, Robert Kreimerman, President and General Director of the Uruguayan Postal Service, Jose Luis Juarez, the Uruguayan ambassador to Israel, Mr. Bernardo Graber, Israeli ambassador to Uruguay, Mr. Dori Goren, Mr. Martin Gurvich, the son of the artist, the General Director of Israeli Postal Service Mr. Chaim Almuzninu and the head of the philatelic service of the Israeli Postal Service Mr. Yaron Razon.

2013 marks 65 years from the establishment of the diplomatic relationship between Israel and Uruguay. In 1948, with the declaration of Israeli independence, the path towards friendship had already begun.

Speaker of the Knesset, Yuli-Yoel Edelstein: ”The connection between Israel and Uruguay is a strong, courageous and friendly one. It is based not only on interests, as is normal between countries, but on warm relations and interstate friendship. The connection began in 1948 when Uruguay was one of the first countries that voted in the United Nations for the establishment of the State of Israel and was one of the first Latin American countries that supported and recognized a young Israel. The launch of the stamp is a symbol of good relations and I hope that we will continue to mark and celebrate this friendship at different times.

General Director of the Israeli Post Office, Mr. Chaim Almuzninu, said that ”the production of a joint stamp for Israel and Uruguay is a great way to express the good relationship between the countries. The art of Jose Gurvich is a unique way to present the existing connection between the two countries thanks to his Jewish and Uruguayan roots.