The Point of Order by Knesset Members Mordhay Yogev (HaBayit HaYehudi), Yariv Levin (Likud Yisrael Beitenu), Yakov Litzman (United Torah Judaism) and Nissim Zeev (Shas) will be passed onto the Internal Affairs and Environment Committee.

Knesset Member Yogev said: ”Recently the number of cases of violence towards Jews in East Jerusalem has increased” and suggested that the Knesset would discuss the subject. ”Jerusalem is not just any city,” he says.

Knesset Member Levin said that during a tour in Silwan, he felt like he was in a hostile territory. There was serious security, which didn`t help, and stones were thrown at them. ”The problem is not only the violence. There is also a feeling of complete abandon regarding everything that has to do with planning and building in Jerusalem. The state of Israel has got to decide once and for all to have some order in each and every street of Jerusalem.” Levin also mentioned the vandalism in the cemetery in Mount of Olives. He said a comprehensive action is needed to locate locating the sources of these problems, and the residents of those neighborhoods will gain from it.”

Knesset Member Zeev said: ”We got used to the rise of hundreds of percentages in incidents of stone-throwing and Molotov bottles at the West Bank, and we can start seeing its influence in Jerusalem as well.” He said the last case was extra shocking. Jewish people who had stones thrown at their car moved from being victims to being under investigation. Zeev also mentioned that in Mount of Olives the stone throwing is still going, and so too in Beit Orot and in Armon HaNatziv.

Minister of Science and Technology, Yaakov Perry responded in the name of the Minister of Public Security. He referred to the event in A-Tour, in which a man who complained about having stone throwing, did not cooperate with the police`s instructions and was investigated for that. He said the police have spread more forces in East Jerusalem. He also said hundreds have been investigated and there are many people under custody for cases of violence in East Jerusalem. He suggested that his response would be enough.

Knesset Member Shimon Ohayon (Likud Yisreal Beitenu) said that recently there have been 200 cases of stones thrown in East Jerusalem. ”Maybe we have neglected the issue too much,” he says. ”It is possible that if we prevented the stone throwing we would also be able to prevent the Price Tag activities.”

Knesset Member Moshe Zalman Feiglin (Likud Yisrael Beitenu) said that it was implied from the minister`s response that the victim was to be blamed.

Knesset Member Orit Strock (HaBayit HaYehudi) said that every street in Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, must be safe. ”It is impossible that the Ministry of Education does not approve of trips to Jerusalem. It is impossible that whoever drives home, to East Jerusalem has to drive a bulletproof car. What, are we in Beirut?”

Knesset Member Avraham Michaeli (Shas) said that Jewish people are afraid of getting to memorial services at Mount of Olives. The security of the Ministry of Construction and Housing is not enough. We must not have a feeling of foreign control in Jerusalem.”

At the vote – 15 Knesset members voted for passing the issue to the Internal Affairs and Environment Committee, one voted against, no one abstained. The issue will pass, then, to the committee.