The Knesset launched today a cellular application for smartphones: ”The Knesset – the Formal Application.” The application, that is up for download at Apple`s ”App Store” and Android`s ”Google Play” shows information about the daily agenda of the plenary and the committees as well as press releases via RSS.

In addition you can find the pages of the Knesset members including their contact details, information about the visitors` center and coordinating a visit to the Knesset, the phone numbers of different departments of the Knesset, a link to the Knesset`s Youtube channel and much more.

The application is in a preliminary basic version right now but will be further developed in the future, according to users` comments, among other things.

Obviously, the application does not pretend to be a replacement for the Knesset website, which is diverse and supplies much richer information. It is fitting to mention that a few months ago the Knesset launched a new, rich and innovative website, which deals with news and current affairs, and can be accessed at

As stated, the application development and the adding of more information in it will keep taking place in the next few months.

Knesset General Director, Dan Landau congratulated the launch of the application and said: ”This is a new and meaningful step in creating full transparency of the Knesset. What happens in the Knesset is relevant to every citizen and it is very important to us that it is accessible by every means, now the smartphone too. The huge upgrade we did with the Knesset website now enables visibility and access to the Knesset in a way that we never had before.”