The Cabinet today  unanimously approved the competitiveness and cost of living section on the Trajtenberg Committee report.  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that, "We are moving forward on approving the Trajtenberg Committee report methodically and responsibly in order to continue reducing the cost of living.  We are reducing the power of the monopolies and the bureaucracy; the government monopoly is the biggest of them all and it will also be dealt with."  Among the benefits that were approved are: Dealing with the fuel monopoly by adding dozens of gas stations and significantly improving public transportation.

Prime Minister Netanyahu added that, "Today, we have approved an important section that touches on the root problem of a lack of competitiveness.  We were a small and cartelized economy.  The problem is that the economy grew and remained cartelized, with cartelization coming from both the private and public sectors.  Approving this section of the [Trajtenberg Committee] recommendations corrects distortions that have been created over decades."