18th Annual International Summit and Exhibition for Water Technologies, Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, Recycling, Green Transportation and Green Building

Cleantech 2014


Participants and exhibitors from around the world are expected to attend CleanTech 2014, the 18th annual international event for Clean Technologies: environmental quality, infrastructures and green building, renewable energy and water technologies. The event will take place at the Avenue Congress and Exhibition Center, Airport City.

CleanTech Exhibition has gained the status of a high quality international business platform, where companies, researchers and professionals display their newest developments, novel technologies and outstanding quality services in the fields of environmental protection and green solutions, infrastructure, renewable energy, waste treatment, water technologies for treatment, desalination, harvesting, purification, filtration and more. The exhibition includes professional conferences, seminars and symposiums.

Though Israel is a small country with limited natural resources, it stands out as one of the most competitive economies, characterized by its advanced and  globally- oriented technology. There are over than 600 companies in Israel specializing in CleanTech.

The International Opening Session of CleanTech 2014 on the Smarter Cities of Tomorrow aims at addressing the challenges of smart cities in the next two decades; highlighting smart city trends, technologies, services and applications; examining how technology and innovation will enable the smarter cities of tomorrow. Some of the topics that will be discussed: Sustainable development and energy efficiency; the role of the smart grid in the city; intelligent transport systems.

During the Cleantech 2014 exhibition, four main conferences in the following fields will take place:
Water Technologies
Renewable energy and Energy Efficiency
Green Building
Waste and Recycling and more.

An Appreciation Gala Event, within the framework of CleanTech 2014, will bring together 300 of the most influential people in Israel’s natural gas sector: entrepreneurs, legislators, regulators, leading industrialists, top bankers etc. This exclusive event aims to provide an extraordinary opportunity and fertile ground for the creation of beneficial business relationships with the leading players of Israel’s natural gas sector.

Cleantech 2013 was attended by 150 exhibitors from more than 50 countries, and 60,000 visitors.