Palmachim Beach Photo: Ilan Malester
Entire Palmachim Beach to be Recognized as National Park
Palmachim Beach
Photo: Ilan Malester
​Palmachim Beach is being returned to the public! The Committee for the Protection of the Coastal Environment, responsible for Israel’s coastal development plans, has approved a plan to recognize the entire Palmachim Beach as a national park. This means plans to build a vacation resort on Palmachim will be canceled. The Ministry of Environmental Protection (MoEP) has been battling against those resort construction plans for four years.

The plan to recognize all of Palmachim as a national park was put forth by the Israel Nature and Parks Authority in 2010, following a Government Decision to reconsider a plan to establish a resort on Palmachim. (Currently, part of the beach is a national resort.) Just over half a year ago, in December 2014, the Central District Planning and Building Committee also approved the plan and rejected the resort idea.

The MoEP is pleased with the decision, which shows that the good of the public must come before narrow interests. The beach belongs to the public, and the public has the right to benefit from it!