A powerful explosive device was uncovered in a joint IDF (Zahal) – Israel Police activity intended to thwart smuggling attempts along the Israel-Egypt border.

During the activity, a smuggling attempt was identified, and the force that operated to stop the smugglings identified a man hurling a suspicious bag and escaping from the scene. Following a search that was conducted this morning, it was discovered the bag contained a powerful explosive device.

The explosive device was detonated in a controlled manner.

This incident is a reminder that the smuggling routes along the Israel-Egypt border are constantly being used by terror organizations to execute terror attacks against the citizens of Israel and IDF (Zahal) soldiers. The alertness of the soldiers and their success in this operation prevented a terror attack against the State of Israel and its residents.

Explosive Device Uncovered During Smuggling Attempt

Disguised explosive found near Gaza security fence, January 4