The Cabinet decided this morning to accede to a request from the UN and dispatch a group of police personnel to Haiti.  The group, which works on a voluntary basis, will operate as a part of an Italian-Israeli-Serbian combined force.

The delegation will number 14 officers and will assist the UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINHUSTAH).  The mission’s goal will be to take part in upholding public order and stabilizing the situation following the severe earthquake that struck Haiti this past January.  It will be recalled that the earthquake killed over 100,000 people, left hundreds of thousands injured and damaged the homes of approximately three million people.

Dispatching the mission and operating it for six months will cost an estimated NIS 2 million beyond those costs financed by the UN.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the police mission is an important component that expresses our nature and that of the Jewish People: "This is a Jewish and humanistic action and it follows up on the rapidly-organized activity that preceded it after the Haitian earthquake."