Restaurant demolition, Olga Beach. Photo: Rani Amir
Ministry Takes Steps to Return the Beach to the Public
Restaurant demolition, Olga Beach 
Photo: Rani Amir 
​The Ministry of Environmental Protection has raided and destroyed two restaurants on Olga Beach near Hadera, after the Haifa District Court rejected a request by the owners to prevent the demolition.

​The ministry conducted the demolition before sunrise on Tuesday, December 4, in coordination with Israel Police and the Israel Lands Administration. The restaurants that were demolished were: Dudi on the Beach and Georgie Beach, which officials say were operating illegally. The owners refused to evacuate willingly, despite the Haifa court’s ruling. Another illegal restaurant on Olga Beach, Pearl of the Sea, will be demolished next month, if its owners also refuse to evacuate on their own.

Environmental Protection Minister Gilad Erdan: "The beaches belong to the public and we will continue to work to keep them open to all residents. We will not allow our beaches to become commercial centers only for those who can afford it."

The debris left over from the operation will be removed on Wednesday (December 5), and the beach will be restored.  The restaurants’ owners will be responsible for double payment – for both the demolition and evacuation. The operation was possible thanks to the cooperation of law enforcement authorities and with the help of the Haifa District Attorney’s office.