A special exercise was held today for the civil information forum.  Dozens of spokespersons and information people from various Government ministries, the IDF Spokesperson’s Office, IDF Home Front Command, the emergency, security and rescue services, and western Negev local authorities, as well as Cabinet Secretary Oved Yehezkel, participated in the exercise, which was named "Maya II".

This was the first time that such an exercise has been held and it was designed to improve the aforementioned bodies’ preparedness for various crisis situations and scenarios for a deterioration in the south.  The national civil information system was tested as was interaction among the bodies themselves and with the political leadership; the objective was to present a unified and coordinated information policy vis-à-vis the various target communities.

The exercise was conducted by the Prime Minister’s Office National Information Directorate in cooperation with the Defense Ministry National Emergency Authority.  The date of the exercise was decided upon several weeks ago.  The exercise itself was held as part of the continuing effort to improve the abilities of bodies that deal with information, especially on the issue of information and instructions for the home front population.

For further details, please contact National Information Directorate Coordinator Yarden Vatikay at 02-6705453 or 050-6205923.