PM Netanyahu Meets with Firefighters
Photo by GPO 

PM Benjamin Netanyahu met this evening with National Fire and Rescue Service Commissioner Shahar Ayalon, the commander of the "Elad" Aerial Firefighting Unit and his crew, and Fire and Rescue Service personnel.

Prime Minister Netanyahu commended the firefighters for their successful action in extinguishing the giant fire in the Jerusalem hills, which had threatened Yad Vashem.  Yad Vashem Director Avner Shalev also attended the meeting and briefed participants on the site’s action plan for dealing with fires.

Prime Minister Netanyahu thanked the aerial unit for its successful action in extinguishing the fire and preventing damage to Yad Vashem.  "The first goal is to save lives; the second is to save Israel ‘s heritage.  People are asked what they would take with them if their home goes up in flames and the first answer is usually a photo album.  Yad Vashem is the photo album of the Jewish People and we must watch over it.  You met the challenge and I would like to thank you.  A disaster was prevented here; the fire was extinguished very quickly, and there was full cooperation.  We are currently building and expanding additional capabilities.  Our aerial and ground-based firefighting capabilities have greatly improved in recent months.  You stand in the line of fire and I would like to thank you."