PM Netanyahu Meets with Indiana Governor Mike Pence
Photo by: Amos Gershom, GPO 

PM: Israel and our civilization is under attack. The attacks come from Iran; the attacks come from the various Islamists. The attack is now coming on Israel from the Palestinian Authority seeking to impose on us a diktat that would undermine Israel’s security, put its future in peril. We expect the international community, at least the responsible members of that community to oppose vigorously this UN diktat, this UN Security Council Resolution because what we need always is direct negotiations and not impose conditions. But I want to guarantee you, to you and to the people of Israel: If the international community does not reject the Palestinian Authority’s proposal, we will. Israel will oppose conditions that endanger our future.

Governor: from my 12 years on Capitol Hill, from my two years leading the
great State of Indiana, I can say that support for Israel in the United States has never been stronger and the strong and broad and bipartisan support for the State of Israel I know will be reflected in decisions that our Congress makes in the months ahead to preserve the support the United States provides to Israel, to ensure that Israel is able to enter into negotiations to achieve defensible borders and secure its own peace and security in the years ahead. And I just, I would pledge to you from my vantage point in the heart of the heartland as well that not just during this very special time of the year for people who share my tradition, but all throughout the year, the appreciation for the State of Israel and the partnership between the State of Israel and America has never been stronger and from the heart of the heartland, I say thank you: Thank you for your leadership and thank you for welcoming us back to this great country.