"Today Christmas Eve, I would like to wish Israel’s Christian citizens a Merry Christmas.

Since its founding, the State of Israel has granted freedom of worship to its citizens – Jews, Christians and Muslims act in accordance with their beliefs and according to the dictates of their consciences.  We must preserve the delicate fabric that has been created among the people of the various faiths and continue to develop the religious tolerance that exists between us all.

Ahead of the civil New Year, I would like to wish Christians in Israel, the Middle East and throughout the entire world – a good and prosperous year.  May it be that in the coming year that we will take another step toward coexistence in Israel and that together we will advance the economy, education and tourism in our country.

Since its inception, my Government has worked to advance the peace process with our Palestinian neighbors.  In the coming year as well, we will continue to advance efforts to achieve a lasting peace in our region."