PM Sharon’s Remarks on the Occasion of US Independence Day
Photo by GPO 

“President and Mrs. Katsav,
Ambassador and Mrs. Kurtzer,

Today is the 229th anniversary of the independence of the United States of
America.  I thank Ambassador and Mrs. Kurtzer for again opening their home to us.

Ambassador Daniel Kurtzer has served in Israel since July 2001.  Sheila and Dan, you have been with us through years of terrorism and frightful losses and we have been with you during the US’s vigorous war on international
terrorism in Afghanistan and in Iraq.  We have been together in our efforts to achieve a diplomatic settlement that – God willing – will bring us to peace.

I congratulate the American people and am happy that we share common values.
The US is the leading, and most important, democracy in the world; it constitutes a model and an example and works to disseminate democratic values around the world, including in the Middle East.  We very much appreciate the friendship that exists with the US administration and I am proud of the personal friendship between US President George Bush and myself.

We face a difficult period.  But we will leave Gaza and implement the Disengagement Plan according to the timetable that has been determined in accordance with the decisions of the Government and the Knesset.  And if the
Palestinians stop terrorism and fulfill all of their commitments, we will be able to proceed to the Roadmap.”