The Ministry of Environmental Protection (MoEP) has held a first-of-its kind meeting, to give neighbors of a chicken factory a chance to voice their complaints. Israelis who live near Cornish Hen Ltd. – Off Hanegev, a slaughterhouse some 25 Km north of Be’er Sheva, were invited to the gathering, focused on the issuing of an air emissions permit to the company. Residents of Brosh, Ta’ashur, and Tidhard – communities near the factory – have long complained about odors coming from the site.

​The meeting was held on August 20, 2015 in Brosh. It included a discussion led by MoEP representatives about the source of emissions, as well as the permitting procedure. (Emissions permits are issued within the framework of the 2008 Clean Air Law.) The process of issuing permits includes, among other things, giving the public the chance to comment.

Guy Samet, director of the MoEP’s southern district office: "The emissions permit for the Off Hanegev Cornish Hen factory will be published in another two weeks. The MoEP will closely supervise the facility to ensure that it is keeping to our demands and regulations. If the company violates permit conditions, we will begin criminal procedures against them."

Cornish Hen factory representatives at the meeting said that the facility will shut down production if there are malfunctions that cause environmental nuisances.

Meeting participants included representatives from: the MoEP, local authorities and councils, the Off Hanegev Cornish Hen factory, and the local environmental unit, as well as residents or the area and an environmental consultant who was representing the public.