Results of Elections to the 16th Knesset-Jan 28- 2003
  Final Results of Elections to the 16th Knesset

Voting statistics:
Total number of ballot boxes counted: 7,697
Total number of registered voters: 4,720,074
Total Ballots: 3,200,773
Invalid Ballots: 52,409
Valid Ballots: 3,148,364
Number of votes for qualifying threshold: 44,750
Number of votes per Knesset seat: 23,860

Votes by party list:
LISTNo. of seatsNo. of votes% of votes
Likud 38925,27929.4%
Labor-Meimad19 455,18314.5%
Shas11 258,8798.2%
National Union 7173,9735.5%
Meretz6 164,1225.2%
National Religious Party6132,3704.2%
Torah and Shabbat Judaism5 135,0874.3%
Hadash3 93,8193.0%
Am Ehad386,8082.8%
National Democratic Assembly (Balad)371,2992.3%
Yisrael Ba’aliya2 67,7192.2%
United Arab List 265,5512.1%

Note: The remaining lists obtained less than the required minimum for election (1.5% of the total vote):
LIST No. of votes% of votes
Green Leaf Party 37,8551.0%
Herut 36,2021.1%
Progressive National Alliance 20,5710.7%
Green Party 12,8330.4%
Yisrael Aheret 7,1440.2%
Ahavat Yisrael 5,4680.2%
Tzomet 2,0230.1%
Center Party 1,9610.1%
Organization for Democratic Action 1,9250.1%
Citizen and State 1,566<0.1%
Men’s Rights in the Family 1,284<0.1%
Lahava 1,181<0.1%
Za’am 894<0.1%
Leeder 833<0.1%
&#160;Results of Elections to the 16th Knesset-Jan 28- 2003
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