Take a look inside the new ‘experience store’ for three-dimensional printing in Israel – allows ideas to be transformed into reality.

 Tel Aviv's 3D Factory


Copyright: MFA video

Industrial designers Oded Marcus and Shaul Cohen welcome students and studios – and the general public – to come inside their new 3D Factory in Tel Aviv to check out the cutting-edge three-dimensional printers and what they can make.

"Most of the people who come to this store don’t even know what to print. They just want to see the printer work," says Marcus. "We tell them how to build a simple object or how to download an object from the Internet and they come with a file on a disk-on-key and they print it. We wanted to give the opportunity of printing to everybody that deals with design." 3D printing is expected in the future to become the standard method of manufacture.

Check out the 3D Factory on this video and let your imagination run wild. "I believe it’s going to be revolutionary," Marcus predicts.