Thirteen people were arrested and detained for questioning on suspicion of running a network for selling fake degrees overseas institutions 13 people arrested and detained
For questioning this morning (Wednesday) on suspicion of running a network for selling fake academic degrees from institutions abroad.
The investigation revealed that the titles sold, cost of creating a false representation of a plan
Irregular studies.

Among others being investigated suspected that some cases won
Graduate benefits purchasers, thanks to titles purchased. Schools, according
The academic toariham sold to Israelis, not recognized by the Council for higher education in Israel
And some are having curricula.

Police and tax authority officials searched
In suspects and gastritis, assets, bank accounts and property for forfeiture request. The suspects
Attributed to fraudulently obtaining offenses of aggravated assault, forgery and using a false document,
Conspiracy to deceive, by law the prohibition of money laundering and offences according to the income tax Ordinance.

Translated from Hebrew