10-month sentence for a soldier who attacked an army doctor

דובר צה”ל

The soldier attacked a military doctor after he reportedly had to be tested in the clinic.
The unit and the clinic at Camp Rabin reached • the Tribunal sentenced the defendant to 10 months in prison, months, total compensation of $ 1,500 to the complainant and to private

תאריך: 19/02/2008, 18:20    
מחבר: אמיר כידון

10 months in prison sentenced yesterday for a soldier who used violence against
An army doctor. Recently reported the judge about an increase in cases of assault of the medical staff. The judge decided to combat the phenomenon, and yesterday, the offense was rteit.

The defendant, who was convicted yesterday in County Court, came a few months ago to the clinic in the camp he was told there that Rabin must be checked in the unit. In response,
Broke the accused physician’s Office, a Lieutenant, threatened him verbally and shoved and struck him several times in the chest area.

During the trial the defendant guilty in village claiming that although visiting in the event, he hasn’t met a doctor and that mistake in identification as attacking.
As a result of the defendant’s chachshotav the discussion and evidence on which the prosecution testified the doctor and two witnesses to the incident, and had additional evidence.

The Court ruled that event description by the doctor with the description by other witnesses.
The event, arguing that the defendant is attacking the doctor, established the Tribunal despite the testimony of one of the paramedics, who knew the defendant prior to the incident and identified him as her picture is exhibited. Perceptions of the defendant’s testimony was negative and that testimony was tendentious and fraught with contradictions, inaccuracies in an attempt to distance himself from about attributed to him.

The Tribunal sentenced the defendant to 10 months in prison, months on probation,
Compensation of $ 1,500 per complainant and download private. State Attorney officials said.
“And we will continue efforts to minimize its incidence of the phenomenon is significantly low.


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