A combination of Israeli gay is the most advanced in the world.

The IDF continues to invest much effort in understanding unique issues regarding recruitment and military life of the community, in order to incorporate into its ranks and equal sensitivity

תאריך: 17/05/2012, 10:25    
מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

The background score international day against homophobia worldwide status of lesbian, gay, GLBT, (b) the IDF – good
More than any other army in the world.

The IDF maintains certain interfaces with the community in order to clarify the unique issues regarding recruitment and military life, on the problems with the aim to resolve them and to accept them. The progress made over time was groundbreaking, but there’s still room for improvements.

In 1993, the security service law regarding homosexual service in the IDF in the 1980s find homosexuals in leadership courses and blocked their path, and the service classified positions in the Intelligence Division. With the decision of Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Minister Yitzhak Rabin z l, allow homosexuals to serve in these positions. His closest friend, early United States 18 years ago, after only a little in President Obama’s policy of “don’t ask, don’t tell” that forbade homosexuals out to serve in the American army.

The IDF’s main interface with LGBT community exists naturally through education and Youth Corps. Sgt. Itamar, trained to serve as a guide, helps various youth issues pre-school recruitment. He also serves as a youth mentor once a week even in the Center, the cluster contains many teens outdoor community proud.
Instead is a Board titled “pride” & listing useful information about profiles
And medical significance, and TOS.

“While I process roles fixed content such as information on first order, MA, cruisers, haiolle and boot camp. Work on the Centre is part of the business, “explained Sgt. shiri. To the service in place did not come by accident, even though he
Itself does not belong to the community. “People close to me told me about that, and it sounds like a good idea,” said Sgt. shiri. He said individual work against teenager proud community is different in purpose in working with
Any other teenager. “There are gay people, and it depends what family they are from and what their positions toward the army,” explained Sgt. shiri.

He gladly fit like everybody else in the IDF and for the proper service is in the field
Commander’s authority. “I think every commander must undergo training and to recognize signs of distress in the community. Like any other soldier, Captain represents to him and that all IDF throws on the move your service, “said song, adding that” I know a gay guy who got ט”ש time before everybody else, so that you can shower alone. Need to find the appropriate solutions so that everyone will be comfortable. “

Accepted me for who I am

A few decades ago, to be energetic in the IDF was not an easy task. Today the situation has improved both legally and in terms of the atmosphere and service some of the soldiers who served in the IDF as gays choose to continue the relationship between the two factors.
Idan Matalon, who was until recently a civilian employee of the IDF (אע”צ), began his career in education and shifting her even after liberation. “I was at school, and then
I must be that, in preparation for the IDF in Ashdod and guide officers on courses, “said Matalon and added:” I felt I exhausted myself and my service. “

In his work as though was charge of Matalon studied in Bat Yam, נח”ל and nuclear
In daily contact with the regional command. “The role is defined as a youth center and preparation Center.
I’m a guide for urban youth, youth classes children before recruiting and before leaving the nucleus and נח”ל soldiers,” said Matalon. While he has left he’s also musical projects ever, his predecessor in the official Facebook page of the Foreign Ministry like Beckett explained.

During his military service, ten maids under women, came out of the closet. “I opened up
Before my Corps and my commanders, and we found ourselves sitting at the base and talking about it. The reception was full, “said Matalon.

Within services, Matalon was responsible for culture too Sunday various groups
Of troops, and he saw fit to weave the heat in conventional education.
Brought tutorials “Iggy (Israel gay youth) to explain and after branoar murder in 2009 met with wounded people instead. I thought it fit well within the activities of the force, “Matalon. He claimed that the comments which were very positive.
“Some of the people who told them complimented me about courage, and when I was originally asked to tell my own story many people excited,” said Matalon.

Each soldier must feel protected and safe.

The third and perhaps most central, running between the IDF and חוש”ן Organization (and changing). The Organization was founded about seven years ago, according to ceo Irish zvieli, Efrat, the main objective is “to change stereotypes and prejudices”. The goal is achieved mainly through personal stories – a man and a woman from the community share their stories with those in attendance. “Usually you get a circular picture about the LGBT community, and it provides a broad perspective,” explained zvieli-Efrat.

A few years contact חוש”ן State visitor organization, Micha lindenstrauss claims to examine discrimination against gays in effect within the application, query
To the main education officer is asked to examine the issue. After the findings, created the relationship between חוש”ן.” wrote to the IDF activity defined as pilot and began several years ago in which 12 training of sickle value controls.
A year ago, he also took it 1, and industry sponsored a bargaining, “said zvieli-Efrat. Due to budget cuts, the army unable to continue this activity in which 1.

In General, in trying to make the implementation of the law prohibiting discrimination over sexual orientation under background. To her mind, any soldier, regardless of length, should be under conditions that allow him to concentrate on the military mission. “I think that every soldier should sit in the maintenance or perform his service, when he focused on military mission protected.
And sure, “emphasized zvieli-Efrat. Sometimes, especially in situations where soldiers are LGBT, this situation is undermined. “A soldier should obvious words or maintain challah cover. When a Russian soldier or Ethiopian, you can’t hide your origins. However, the gay soldier could hide it in a thousand ways, and thereby prevent his profound, “explained zvieli-Efrat.

Today, חוש”ן is working on a special assessment to het the IDF, in the hope that the educational program will be. “You have to train officers and cadets, and we want to reach a targeted area – developing command and training courses in the IDF are a great destination, claiming Efrat zvieli,” adding that “in these places meeting people from the IDF’s command and training, ensuring widespread adoption of content”.

Despite the constraints, appeals from certain military units please the personal story comes to feel “recently had a squadron commander turn lives and activities coordinator unit of government activities in the territories (Hanson),” said zvieli-Efrat. After all, having again among those present to assess the degree of effectiveness of the pailuz. “95% of which comes from a successful logon. The topic of feedback is important, and the main responses are mostly ‘ I wish there was a chance to talk about it anymore, “said zvieli-Efrat.

Although the road to the full rights of the LGBT community in Israel before coming to an end, the path has been paved and Israel Defense Forces over it – looks at changes and improvements, suggestions and activities, welfare of soldiers.

Translated from Hebrew