Firm: opened the National Center for Israeli strength

צילום: דובר צה”ל

From mayors to school, learn to citizens of Israel face new complex emergencies that include simulators, and Heritage Centre specialised training to those with roles in the public sector

תאריך: 08/02/2015, 16:27    
מחבר: ניב שקד, אתר צה”ל

פיקוד העורף

Preparedness is the name of the game: last week opened the National Center for Israeli strength in leading the HFC. The aim of the Center is to train citizens, from mayors to school, to cope with emergencies such as
Of war, earthquake or tsunami. “Emergency preparedness is the name of the game,” said the Commander of the home front command, major general Eyal Eisenberg. “On this day we share the history of the establishment of the National Center for Israeli invincibility, downtown would be the local leadership professional front. The next Center training given to give the tools to cope with emergencies, one common goal – to serve our citizens.

The Center will focus on training first transmitted, until the construction of the new compound in Ramle in two years. The new complex will include, inter alia, emergency simulators for modeling scenarios. Imaging Center can train school children and families alongside employees. “The civilians reach a similar Simulator can experience as much as possible to reality,” explained project head of the central command, Lt. Col. Iris Yeager “Anyone who will find out what Center right response during emergencies, whether natural disaster or war event. The generic training-populations and all facing the wide ribbon in order to allow each person to adjust to a situation where it is “.

Beside MRI Center, area school officials ‘ training at the regional and municipal authorities, in order to improve their ability to cope with emergencies. “Command.
The neck is involved in training of the public for a long time, but we identify gap entails no role owners training that matches their role, “said Lieutenant Colonel Yeager “With the new Center we can treat each person as an individual and to adjust its training needs. Alongside the separation of roles, in the Center there will be mutual fertilization where the bodies will contribute to each other’s experiences. It is prepared of all emergency agencies.

The complex opens Heritage Centre, which prompted the Israeli development in dealing with emergencies. The new Center is the product of a collaboration of רח”ל (
National emergency), the Ministry of Defense and other agencies loyal at the emergency preparedness. The opening shot of the strength was at ready conducted last week, which showed more than half heads of authorities in Israel in order to participate in workshops various emergency. “The main challenge in the future will be to formulate targeted learning programs according to key target populations in order to adapt the content to anyone,” said Lieutenant Colonel Yeager

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