Home front command southern residents: do not hold multi-party gatherings

Refreshing in the HFC instructions to Ashdod South residents and clarifying that “to hold gatherings and more than 500 gatherings”

תאריך: 19/08/2011, 09:36    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

In the HFC refresh this morning (Friday) the guidelines to the residents of the South, this is against the backdrop of the escalation in the security situation in southern Israel. The guidelines refer to residents of the cities of Sderot, Ashkelon, Kiryat Gat, Netivot, ofakim, Rahat and Kiryat Malachi, Ashdod, Ashdod, Bnei Ayish, blades, gedera, Be’er Sheva and yavneh, the regional councils in the region.

According to the guidelines, sound an alarm or voice, you must enter the protected area within
The time for the residents of the area. Also, “to hold gatherings and more than 500 gatherings”, clarifying the home front command, “as well as school or summer camps in building structures (structures, gypsum, structures not built in rugged construction that do not have concrete ceiling).

While the sound alarm or cracks should terminate the protection process, depending on the time determined by the home front command and fulfill the following guidelines:-structure have come into
To mm, receiver, or an interior room, depending on the time, and close doors and Windows; In have come into the building, according to time. If
No structure, or if you are in an open area, you must lie on the ground and to protect via hands; By car – to pull over, get out of the car and enter the building or shelter close by. If you cannot get to a building or shelter of the time we have to get out of the car, lay on the ground and protect your head with your hands.
In case you cannot get out of the car, must pull off the road and wait 10 minutes.

In the HFC mentioned that unless another guideline was allowed to leave only after shielding for 10 minutes. Also, “it is important to steer clear of unidentified objects or rocket on Earth. In this case, it is necessary to keep curious and inform the police.

The home front command directives have life, rescuers as we present daily events in an area where people who used according to the instructions and save the lives of their families. You must follow each time. In command underscore that there is no change in the guidelines
Public defense, or providing public notice on the result the iron dome system, because the system is protected filling provides solutions to, therefore you must abide by the home front command directives and to keep waiting time in the protected area 10 minutes from the moment the alarm or voice.

Translated from Hebrew