“The return”: the camp is your home as an operational event

צילום: דובר צה”ל

A special camp set up near Hebron allow combatants taking part in operation, improved conditions for food and phone charging • אט”ל head:” we will continue to provide the logistical continuity to the powers

תאריך: 29/06/2014, 11:18    
מחבר: עומר שליט, אט”ל


New temporary camp built near Hebron was used as an advanced base of rest for operation warriors return “. The camp.
New to the paratroopers arrived, hot showers, toilets,
Dinner cooked and positions to provide uniforms, sleeping bags and towels. The fighters who came to the new camp designed by technological and Logistics Directorate, could also benefit from phones and charging stations mainly to freshen up for the duration of the operational activities.

“The return”: the camp is your home as an operational event

Establishing a new temporary camp, in the midst of a military operation.
With IO, demanded quick organization on the logistic forces in the field. According to the head.
Technological and Logistics Directorate, Gen. Kobi Barak logistics role during emergencies is primarily to allow the operational activities. “I am impressed that there is a problem and all logistic works properly. The task forces to address big small, “said a tour of the place in the middle of the action. “We will continue to provide the logistical continuity that powers ethical task’d”.

The supply officer of the paratroopers brigade, Maj. Oren, told about the importance of seeing combat forces on such a platform, which allows soldiers to freshen up and get back to more energetic activity. “Reactions of the soldiers who were on site 24 hours, you can see that they are very pleased”. He said major portal. “Once they settled in, and other soldiers come to replace them and enjoy the improved conditions, they return to the fighting with strength-ready for the next mission.


Translated from Hebrew